CO2 & Cryo FX

CO2 & Cryo FX are a brilliant solution for producing a crowd pleasing intense effect. Fast dissipating cold white plumes can be triggered in any direction.

CO2 jets are incredibly versatile whether incorporated into a stage show, fired into a crowd at a party or part of a festival setup. They create a safe and visually spectacular effect that can be utilised in so many different ways. Accompanying the big musical drop at a music event or increasing the tension and atmosphere before revealing a new product at a launch event.

With options that range from 6m to 20m and even hand held options that really add an immersive feeling to the artist or performer and the audience.

Other things within the CO2 and Cryo category is low smoke effects, this effect works best when setting up a live band, creating atmosphere for a performer and even to add a bit of mystery and intrigue. Create either 3-4 foot a low smoke or trigger the effect from a raised position to create a fog waterfall.

CO2 is widely regarded as one of the safer special effects available.