Confetti & Streamers

Confetti & Streamers can create a huge visual impact that can truly engage your entire audience.

Potentially the effect that creates the biggest option for customisation with styles, materials, colours and shapes that can be decided upon to create the confetti or streamer that best suits your requirements.

We also have an arsenal of blowers, blasters, canons, stage shots, stadium shots and even confetti guns for launching the material in a host of different ways. From the subtle to the eye catching.

Our in-house engineers have custom designed confetti launching equipment and control surfaces that can trigger the effects or interface with existing firing equipment on the market, so you can be assured that if you want to fire, launch or blow confetti or streamers over you audience we will have an solution for you.

So all you have to do is decide whether you would like confetti or streamers, oh and then decide the material, shape, colour and even if you would like a logo, message or name printed on it. The possibilities are truly endless.