In recent times we have witnessed a sharp increase in the quality and quantity of special effects and pyrotechnics not only in the events industry but also across films and television programmes all over the globe. Although things have progressed which year on year has seen more impressive effects come into the foray, the challenges for us remain the same. The challenge to create dynamic effects while remembering that safety is the paramount importance in any show or display.

This is why we work closely with all our clients so that they can have the maximum input into the final effect which allows our experienced team to harness the brilliant creativity and ideas. We believe it is this coupled perfectly with our own experience of creating unique results that allows us to produce some of the most dramatic and dynamic effects that have been seen in recent times.

With this knowledge and experience of designing and fabricating custom effects in house we have been able to rise to challenges that other companies may not have the ability or resource to tackle.

Desperados | Brand Awareness Campaign

Desperados Detonate Moment

Desperados Detonate Moment


We were challenged by the brand activation company for Desperados to create an effect dynamic and bold enough to accompany several different headline DJ's for a 'Desperados Detonate' moment.

The main challenge was the limited space we had to operate within and the close proximity of the crowd, so to use these challenges to our advantage we supplied co2 jets and our own smoke-filled bubble machines. These effects would provide a multi-sensory attack on the public, then to finish the headline act we created a pyrotechnic chase incorporating loud reports for a show stopping finale that was seen by millions via the internet.  

Nike | Marketing Launch


Having been commissioned by Nike's promotional company Exposure, we created a frosted pipe framework in accordance with the clients design brief, with bespoke elements that included laser cut shoe plinths and moulded pipe framing, we were able to create a truly unique centrepiece for the exclusive footwear launch.

By involving our team at the right stage during the planning and design process both Nike and Exposure were able to benefit from the knowledge and experience that we have within our team.

Matthew of KJE explains "The second part of the design brief requested that a shoe be submerged in a fish tank inside a sealed box but we didn't feel that would achieve the creative result the client was aiming for, so we offered them an alternative of a bespoke rain rig to house the shoe in. The lighting and moving water combined to draw the eye in such a way that static water could not achieve and the client loved the idea".

I was delighted to work with the team at KJE SFX the suggestion of the rain effect was brilliant
— Phil Maggs - Exposure, London
Bespoke Rain Rig with Nike Shoe

Bespoke Rain Rig with Nike Shoe

Glastonbury Festival | Flaming Phoenix

Pyramid Stage | Glastonbury Festival

Pyramid Stage | Glastonbury Festival

Approached by the renowned sculptural artist 'Joe Rush' of Mutoid Waste Company, KJE were requested to design, build and produce a flame system to accompany his giant animatronic phoenix installation. The whole display would be the first to sit atop the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival in a special project that was commissioned by festival organiser Michael Eavis for the headlining act - The Rolling Stones.

The solution involved supplying a liquid flame system to produce the challenging and dramatic effect, KJE not only had to make sure the installation would function as desired by the artist, but also that in achieved this in such a way that would satisfy the health and safety officials at such a prestigious event. This was all the more unique as no-one has ever previously been granted permission to use any flame effects on top the infamous stage.

The result has become an iconic image of 'Glastonbury' and has been seen around the world by millions.