Originating in China some 2000 years ago fireworks have been used to accompany festivities of all sizes and varieties. The Chinese have longed believed that fireworks can banish evil spirits and deliver happiness and good luck.

We don't believe in making brash statements about our ability to deliver stunning fireworks displays we believe our results say it loudly enough. We create each and every display with the same care and attention. Producing immersive and unique effects for every customer means that we do not have a set price list. Some of our customer for instance love the idea of incorporating Catherine wheels while others dislike that idea.

We discuss the elements, colours and style of display with you and take as much of the creativity from you.

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Firing System:

We use the german made Galaxis wireless firing system as it is fully digital and allows us scope to be creative and trigger displays specifically to any piece of music. The results of this are truly spectacular PyroMuscials cued with split second timing and can be choreographed with flames and other elements of special effects.

Immersive Displays:

We don't like to just use the normal mix of aerial and ground based effects when creating a firework display, we love drawing on our knowledge of special effects and pyrotechnics to create dynamic and immersive displays. We love utilising our arsenal of effects equipment to bring the crowd more into the display

Corporate Displays:

Fireworks and Pyrotechnics can enhance any corporate event, a little dazzle for a product launch, a flash of sparkles for an awards dinner or even snow effects for your Christmas parties. We have assisted many corporate clients in various settings even managing to make a desk explode at one awards evening recently. We really can achieve anything your mind can create!!


Private Displays:

Fireworks can add spectacular wow moments to any party or celebration and as mentioned at the top of the page it is believed to banish evil spirits and promote happiness and good luck.

Wedding firework displays are a particular favourite for all our crew, being involved in a couples magical day is a real honour and we make sure that everything is just right to create truly wonderful memories of colour filled skies.