With the rising use of flame effects and pyrotechnics across stage and screen we have witnessed a rise in the requests for ‘something different’ from our clients. This is something we love at KJE as creating #SpecialEffectsByDesign is what makes us different to other companies.

Among our arsenal of effects from the market and our own in-house creations we have snow fx, bubble fx which include our own smoke filled bubbles and smoke fx.

Bristol - Millennium Parade | Snow FX


The Bristol City Centre BID committee came to us and asked us one question “Wouldn’t it be lush if someone could guarantee snow in the city?”

Well we decided that it would be lush and so we helped the team to create a brand new winter experience complete with festive ‘Snow Moments’ that were very well received by the visiting public.

We used 4 of our Antari SL-500 machines to create falling snow down the entire street to truly encapsulate the people into the festive experience.

Wouldn’t it be lush if someone could guarantee snow in the city
— Bristol City Centre BID Committee

Private Corporate Party | Bubble FX


Smoke filled bubbles have become a firm favourite, we have utilised the effects at a host of different venues from intimate venues such as this private summer party but also at touring concerts and UK festivals including Parklife and Glastonbury. People of all ages seem to be fascinated by popping the bubble to release the injected smoke.

Your smoke filled bubbles created a magical entrance to our Wonka Summer Party, we cannot wait to see what you come up with for the xmas party
— Grace - Party Organiser

Nike Advertising Campaign | Custom Effects


Having been commissioned by Nike’s promotional partners ‘Exposure’ in London, we created a frosted pipe framework in accordance with clients design brief complete with laser cut plinths to accommodate the footwear.

By involving our team at the right stage of the planning and design process Exposure and Nike were able to benefit from our experience. The second stage of the brief was to submerge a shoe in water in a sealed unit to keep it dry. We were able to suggest that a custom rainfall rig would be a better alternative and would draw the eye in a fashion that still water could not.

The client was delighted with the outcome and commented that it was a much better option that the original design brief requested.

I was delighted to work with the projects team at KJE SFX who helped us create the perfect effect for the launch
— Phil Maggs - Exposure