We are always looking for new ways and new technologies that will allow us to safely keep pushing the boundaries of modern special effects, this is especially true with our flame effects. 

We have created some truly spectacular effects that have been seen the world over and of course on social media, our flame effects that accompanied the 'Joe Rush' designed animatronic Phoenix atop the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury was seen by over 2.4m people on social media.

With such a vast array of wonderful effects available in the market, recently we have been asked not to design an entire system but to modify other systems to include increased safety functions. This can range from single e-stop pendants to sensors providing digital information to the operator.

British Military tournament | flaming hoops

British Military Tournament

British Military Tournament


We were approached by the British Military Tournament following a recommendation for our custom effects portfolio.

We met with some of the team from the equine division who explained that they wanted to create a ring a fire that would be large enough and burn constant enough that a horse with rider could jump through.

We understood that challenges that awaited us but were confident of finding a solution that would ensure a spectacular effect and stunt for the crowd in a safe fashion for the horse and rider attempting the stunt.

The image shows the final effect during the live performance, we spent time perfecting the flame to keep it burning at a constant rate to ensure the safety of both the horse and the rider.

Glastonbury Festival | Flaming Phoenix

Approached by the renowned sculptural artist 'Joe Rush' of Mutoid Waste Co, KJE were requested to design, build and produce a flame system to accompany his giant animatronic phoenix installation. The whole display would be the first to sit atop the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival in a special project that was commissioned by festival organiser Michael Eavis for the headlining act - The Rolling Stones.

The solution involved supplying a liquid flame system to produce the challenging and dramatic effect, KJE not only had to make sure the installation would function as desired by the artist, but also that in achieved this in such a way that would satisfy the health and safety officials at such a prestigious event. This was all the more unique as no-one has ever previously been granted permission to use any flame effects on top the infamous stage.

The result has become an iconic image of 'Glastonbury Festival' and has been seen by millions of people across the globe.

When I approached Michael Eavis about this project there was a certain air of excitement for us both, when we decided to progress forward we looked at the special effects element and were advised by the health and safety officer that KJE SFX would be the perfect company to design and produce the flame system.

I was not disappointed as at every opportunity your team exceeded my expectations, the system, the effect were fantastic and the onsite technicians were professional, conscientious and a pleasure to work with, also the office team were always on hand to answer all my questions and provide all the information that I needed. I look forward to the opportunity of working alongside your fantastic team again.
— Joe Rush (Mutoid Waste Co.) | Creator & Designer
Pyramid Stage | Glastonbury Festival

Pyramid Stage | Glastonbury Festival


Custom made | flambeaux units


One of the most popular effects that we manufacture is our custom designed flambeaux units, the model shown on the left is our 'Medieval Style Baskets' but we also make a 'Polished Aluminium Style' and 'Obelisk Style' with the latter housing the LPG cylinder in a base unit for aesthetics.

These units prove popular at so many events from a pair in a smoking area, or adorning an entrance people just seem to love them and the warmth they give off.