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Special Effects by Design

...from the company behind the effects


Who We Are

Specialists in the design and delivery of creative and innovative special effects solutions to the live events industry.

The company is built on the passion, experience and dedication of our core team. The driving force behind it all is Kevin who started KJE over 20 years ago. It is his continued passion and meticulous attention to the finest of details that maintains the company’s reputation as a trusted provider and designer of creative special effects solutions that have been seen worldwide across stage, screen and stadia.

KJE SFX specialise in delivering unique and innovative special effects that have created some of the most iconic images including in 2013 the animatronic Phoenix created by Joe Rush that rose above the Pyramid Stage launching fire deep into the Glastonbury night sky whilst the Rolling Stones entertain thousands with the headline slot. An image that was seen by more than an incredible 2.4m people!!

We love working with our clients to showcase their creativity and design ideas in the special effects we provide, previously we have created custom effects for Nike advertising campaigns, effects for touring stage productions and even blowing up a desk for a corporate awards dinner.

A commitment to push the boundaries and develop new multi-sensory and immersive effects whilst remembering that safety has to remain the paramount concern, this is why all our custom effects are available with the latest advancements and state of the art monitoring and fail-safe designs.

Remember if you have a particularly creative brief and you don't see the effect to fulfil we can always create something bespoke to match your designs, we always endeavour to work with our clients to maximise their creative input and ensure the final effect goes with a bang (or not if you prefer).

Heritage Flame.JPG


At KJE SFX we dont believe in just using the effects available on the market, we like to create new effects and bespoke solutions so that our clients get the effect they want. Here is an overview to some of what we have achieved and what we can provide.

Mines Hit @ Parklife.png

special fx & pyrotechnics

Use of special effects and pyrotechnics have increased across stage and screen in the last few years and so has our unique ways of incorporating them into the show. From festival stages to corporate platforms across the UK and Europe. We have the experience to deliver an immersive and impressive effect.



  • Glastonbury Festival

  • Boomtown Fair

  • Parklife Festival

  • Audi International Polo



snow fx & bubble fx

Our atmospheric effects including Snow FX, Bubble FX, Smoke FX and much more. When we find ourselves in need of a product that doesn’t yet exist in the market place we have the facilities, the engineers and the expertise to create new solutions and effects.


  • Parklife Festival

  • Bristol Bid Xmas Experience

  • X-Factor Live Tour

  • Summer Sessions


fire fx & flambeaux

KJE have a rich history of developing flame effects in-house that can provide the operator critical safety information at all times whilst maximising the effect using technological advancements. We can boast being the only company that has been granted permission to put fire on the Glastonbury Pyramid Stage.



  • Dyson Corporate Events

  • Winter Paralympic Games

  • Glastonbury Festival

  • Run To Monaco


confetti & streamer fx

We have a full wealth of knowledge and equipment to launch, blast or stream colour coordinated confetti and streamers over your audience at a festival or concert, over the happy couple during a wedding or over a product at a launch event. We have even launched streamers over super cars.


  • CarFest Events

  • Supercar Rally to Monaco GP

  • Newport Colour Clash

  • Corporate Parties


CO2 fx & low smoke fx

CO2 effects have become a mainstay at many festivals and concerts across the UK and Europe and we are no stranger to them from the common CO2 jet and the PsyCO2 moving head jet to low smoke generators creating rolling waves of low smoke.


  • Touring Concerts

  • Car Launches

  • Karanga Club Nights

  • Corporate Private Events


sfx engineering & fabrication

If you haven't been able to find quite the right effect for your event or show or you want an effect that requires certain challenges to be overcome then we can always help. We have created bespoke pieces for staged West End performances and advertising campaigns in addition to concerts and festivals. We also build effects for many UK based SFX companies.



  • Sochi 2014 Armillary Sphere

  • McFly/McBusted Flaming Signs

  • British Military Tournament

  • Nike Advertising Campaign


fireworks & pyromusicals

From wedding displays to public displays we have a rich history of creating spectacular firework displays and pyromusicals. We are passionate about creating a show for you. We like to challenge our team to produce firework displays that are immersive for the audience.



  • Wedding Fireworks

  • Private Displays

  • Corporate Displays

  • Nov 5th Public Displays


KJE Atom.png

The Workshop

AKA The Creation Station

With our workshop being the creative hub at the centre of KJE we are constantly reinvesting time and money into making it the best place to come and work. Our machinery, equipment and tooling are constantly updated to ensure we have the latest advancements to maintain the high standards of effects that we produce.

We continue to invest in our technicians and engineers, ensuring they have uptodate industry qualifications and expertise in addition to opportunity to expand their personal development with new skills and qualifications.

We regularly have colleagues from other companies that request to just hire the workshop for periods of time. Often people have commented that we have a tool and a solution for every situation and challenge.