CO2 effects are now a prominent feature not just at festivals and concerts but always on our tv screens and even in the West End in theatre shows including Wicked! CO2 effects are not just limited to single jets pointing vertically straight up. With the introduction of the PsyCO2 unit it is possible to create a waving effect. In addition CO2 can also be used to cool smoke to create a low laying fog effect. Brilliant for creating atmosphere.

Dance Event | CO2 Jets

co2 jets andre.jpg

CO2 jets create an instant visual spectacular, we used 8 units across the front of the stage for this dance which were accompanied by flame units and a pyrotechnic display to complete the event.

Private Party | CO2 Gun


A returning client challenged us to produce a real ‘Ibiza Clubnight Feel’ for a corporate summer party. None of the effects could be installed before the guests enjoyed a three course dinner due to the room being changed from dining room to nightclub following the completion of dinner service. This meant all effects had to be installed in a short time frame without any comprise on safety. We utilised the handheld CO2 guns to produce the plumes of chilled white smoke which could be fired directly into the audience by a performer. We also included handheld confetti devices and two t-shirt cannons to complete the experience.

Our client was extremely pleased commenting that he never fails to be impressed with our ability to deliver no matter what the challenge.

The CO2 guns come in two different variations with a pistol style and a shotgun style available. They are connected to a cylinder using a hose.

Again your team have stepped up and delivered a fantastic event, I look forward to working with you guys again soon

Car Launch | Low Smoke


Low smoke effects can produce real dramatic atmosphere during a product launch like the unveiling of the this new Mercedes. We were approached and asked to create some intrigue prior to the official moment of unveiling so we surrounded the vehicle with low smoke before the cloth was removed to reveal the latest luxury Mercedes.

We have also used low smoke to help create urban dystopia environments for private parties and to change an atmosphere during for a specific part of a set for an artist or band during a concert.